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In psychotherapy, there are a number of approaches that can be utilized to address the problems. Regardless of the approach used, treatment requires an active effort on your part. For treatment to be most effective, you will probably work on issues in the sessions as well as completing homework in between the sessions. The work that occurs in between the sessions is just as important as the work within the sessions.

It is also important to note that psychotherapy has both risks and benefits. That is, you may feel some discomfort, a worsening of symptoms or other negative feelings when discussing some of the unpleasant aspects of your life. This is quite typical and, although expected, should be discussed with your therapist when it occurs. Persisting with therapy as you go through these difficult experiences should eventually lead to a reduction of distress, better interpersonal relationships and resolution of specific problems, however, guarantees can not be made as each person is an individual with an individual history that can affect the course and progress of therapy.

Normally, in the first session, we will try to get a clear sense of the problem as you present it. By the end of the first session, we will give you an idea of our thoughts and recommendations for treatment. These thoughts and recommendations are preliminary and may change as treatment progresses. Nevertheless, they will provide a general plan for treatment. Your part in determining this treatment plan is crucial and we welcome your thoughts, reactions and suggestions. Without your active involvement, therapy will not be very effective.

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