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Psychologists, psychometrists and psychological associates may complete psychological assessments. All such assessments must be completed or supervised by a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Typically, following your consent, we will meet in order to discuss your concerns. Following our meeting, we will let you know what kind of testing would be called for. Typically, the assessment battery includes measures of cognitive functioning, academic achievement and rating scales. It may also include other measures of cognitive processing. Other tests/tasks may be added to the assessment battery depending on your individual needs. These will be discussed with you when you attend for your interview for the psychological assessment.

If you are being assessed for socio-emotional or menta health difficulties, you are likely to complete rating scales that help to identify many symptoms of emotional disorders as well as personality testing. Personality testing comprises of projective and objective measures. Projective measures include drawing pictures, completing open-ended sentences, describing ink blots and making up stories to go with picture cards. Projective tasks give the examiner the opportunity to gain some insight into your emotional world. On the other hand, objective tasks are paper-and-pencil tasks where you respond to a series of questions in a true/false manner. These tasks are more factual and rely heavily on your level of openness and self-awareness. Socio-emotional evaluations may be used in conjunction with other evaluations in order to determine what factors may be contributing to your socio-emotional functioning.

Psychological testing with you will usually take between 4-8 hours and is completed in a quiet room in a one-to-one format. Tasks are usually considered enjoyable and do not cause a lot of stress.

The results obtained will vary across people depending on their individual circumstances. There is no way to predict at the outset what the test results will yield or how helpful they will be as this depends on numerous factors including the nature of the problem being assessed, test results, and the response of others (i.e., school, significant others) to the findings, etc.

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