Nestled in the heart of Waterdown, Dr. Sala and Associates is a psychological practice offering services to children, adolescents and adults in English and French. We provide psychological assessments, psychotherapy and consultations to our clients. Our associates are fully bilingual and therefore, able to offer services in the client's preferred language.

Through Assessment , we help to establish our clients' needs and set goals for effective treatment outcomes. Diagnostic psychological assessments can also help to determine whether a person is suffering from a diagnosable disorder and the subsequent recommendations that will help that person function better in their school/work settings.

Through Psychotherapy , individuals and/or their families learn ways to overcome obstacles in order to experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. In working with our clients, we use a multi-modal and multi-systemic approach where we not only help our clients deal with the various aspects of their functioning (i.e., behaviour, emotions, cognitions, physical difficulties, etc.), we also provide assistance to help those who support them (i.e., schools, families, partners, etc.).

Through our Consultation and Supervision services, we provide assistance to other service providers and community partners in better meeting our/their client needs.

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